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We made it...

The drive took us about 7 hours to get from Cooperstown to Mont Tremblant.  My GPS originally thought 6 or so, but we lost time to a couple of stops (lunch and bathroom breaks), the border crossing and a whole lot of really bad traffic in Montreal.  There appears to be a whole lot of "traveaux" tying up the highways.  The border crossing was quick and painless, probably because of the tri bike on the back and the fact that the guard knew about the race.  There have been times where the line of questioning made it seen like we were smuggling guns into Canada.

Speaking of travel, a very interesting thing that my GPS is doing, now that we are in a French speaking area, it's speaking numbers in French...  but enough about bilingual electronics.  The day was a bit dull for me.  Amy did the race check in, went to the expo etc.  All of this is at a pedestrian village at he base of the mountain.  It's very picturesque, made up of restaurants, expensive shopping, and various forms of lodging.  I don't think my pictures will do it justice, though I might try with my super wide angle tomorrow.

Amy;s is off at the welcome banquet tonight.  I gave up my ticket so the coordinator of her race team could go.  We had dinner with some of her teammates last night, and I was happy to give up my ticket, I was the odd man out, not being an endurance athlete and not wanting to be one.

And the race gets ever closer...

Edit - I forgot to mention, our hotel kicks ass.  Our room is a suite.  It has a fireplace, kitchenette and dining table, plus a loft with a second queen size bed and dresser.  Very nice.  The hot tub is in need of a new motor, but at least the water is hot... I will also mention that my French is completely gone.  There was a time in my life where I could get by.  Not any more.  I think I'm going to buy the Rosetta stone software, I've heard it's quite excellent.  Or maybe my GPS could give me lessons...


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Aug. 16th, 2014 11:17 am (UTC)
That hotel room sounds great!

So - will you go sightseeing while Amy is being crazy? Or do you have to help her in some way?
Aug. 16th, 2014 01:11 pm (UTC)
There will be lots of time for sightseeing. Our job is to cheer, but that will be at the finish, transition points and when the course comes back through the village.... The run is last and hardest, so that's when the cheering squad is most important...
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