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Lithium and Red Wine - Formerly Ambien Dreams

Lithium and Red Wine - formerly Ambien Dreams
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Tattooed insomniac pagan healthcare professional living in the wilds of upstate NY. Hunter, photographer, and pack-rat with decidedly morbid tendencies. Politically confused gun loving social liberal with libertarian tendencies. My number one career goal is to not have to work/be retired.

I'm recently unexpectedly separated (though that was my own lack of foresight and general optimism), but those circumstances though initially horrible may have led to what I believe may be the relationship of a lifetime, shocking at this late stage of the game.

I have a 22 yo daughter who is currently studying in England. She's smart and funny and generally great.

I'm something of a Francophile, and I think if I had means, I'd live in the south of France, though despite my best efforts, my French is abysmal.

My favorite warm weather hobbies are SCUBA diving and my '98 BMW R1100R motorcycle. In the cold weather I enjoy downhill skiing, my hot tub and an occasional snowball fight.

I'm addicted to the literary genre that my family and friends refer to as "Vampire Smut". Favorites include Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels series), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson), anything by Chloe Neill, Anything by Molly Harper and the list goes on. I aspire to write something in this genre myself, but frequent bouts of loathing what I've written are presenting something of a problem.

I don't watch much TV, but what I watch when I do it's mostly SCI-FI/fantasy (Stargate, Firefly, Buffy, Babylon 5, Farscape, Grimm, and Lost Girl is positively yummy), some crime drama (Criminal Minds, CSI) medical (Grey's Anatomy) and I love documentary and food stuff... I cut my teeth on the original Star Trek and Tom Baker as the Doctor (Mary Tamm as Romana was sooo hot! Lala Ward was sooo not...). The collection of vintage Dr. Who merchandise that my mother threw out when I was in college would have brought any current enthusiast to a violent orgasm.

My pets are everything to me, I think I relate better to animals than I do to the average two legger.. My damaged Shiloh Shepherd is Jasper, his abusive German Shepherd (bitch) sister is Jasmine (Jazz to her friends). My cats are Pig(widgeon) a gray Maine Coon, Hazelnut a calico (torty) Maine Coon mix and Keely a shorthair barn cat rescue. I have a soft spot for all animals wild and domestic, even ugly ones. I'm particularly fond of crows and ravens.

Since good food (and wine) is a weakness, it follows that I enjoy cooking and can produce occasionally acceptable and creative results. I post food porn photos on occasion.

I have a hobbit's love of growing things and enjoy gardening of all varieties. We have a vegetable garden, fruit trees and bushes and several poorly weeded flower and herb gardens.

Though I identify as a pagan, I'm attracted to holy places and pilgrimage sites of any and ll types and will never se no to a good pilgrimage if I'm able. I'm also fascinated by relics (particularly of Saints) and holy items.

I'm fairly open, so if you ask me, it's very likely I'll give you an answer. If I don't I'll explain why.

I have significant mental demons and take a fair number or pills to keep them at bay. I really hate this, and occasionally rail against it, but it is what it is and could be worse...

RIP Teddy, 5/6/1999-3/5/2012 The best friend anyone could hope for. (The little guy is baby Jasper)

Most of my posts are friends only, I'm always happy to meet new friends, but I'm fairly LJ shy.

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
- St. Francis of Assisi